Domains We can register or assist you in registering your domain name for you. Typically Domains run from $15-$25 a year.

When designing your website, McGee Technologies listens to what you are trying to accomplish and then recommends the best path. In regards to tools, we can build a site from scratch using HTML, modify an existing template, or use one of the popular Content Management Systems (CMS). (i.e. Wordpress, Squarespace, etc.) For simple company websites that don't require constant updates we recommend a straight HTML site for easier maintenance and lower hosting costs. Since we also have experience in web/database application development, we are able to come up with custom solutions. Examples include Adam Galleries Gallery Search based on Artists/Paintings, Barmart.net Bar ranking Reports based on Mixed Beverage data imported from Texas.gov, or pacesetterpaymentcalculator.com custom Mortgage payment calculator that includes neighborhood specific HOA and Tax rates.

Your website files need to reside on a server. We have several options depending on the type of website you have. From a dedicated Web Server with access to SQL Server, simple shared hosting, or dedicated Wordpress hosting.

We can design your logo, brochure, or business cards. We can also create custom graphics catered to social media outlets.

Setting up your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and various social media accounts can be a chore in itself. We provided customized graphics for logos for each and can maintain, or teach you, how to keep your social marketing up to date. Engagement and personalization are the best way to make an impact. Let McGee Technologies mangage your social media while you focus on growing your business.